Advantages to learn languages online

Let me guess! You’ve always been attracted to the option to learn languages online. From the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, your own way…

But you have never decided to make that decision, since the “usual” thing to do is to sign up for an on-site academy, “because you learn more in person”, as they say, right? 

Rules are there to be broken, and myths are there to be busted! And that is why in this post we are going to tell you all the advantages to learn languages online

Take note!  

Advantages to learn languages online

Wait wait wait! Before knowing the advantages to learn languages online… Do you really believe that it is possible to learn languages online without going to an academy in person? 

Because we have to tell you that if you still have doubts about this subject, first of all you should find out if it is really an effective method, right?  

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it in this post! But if you can’t wait to find out, we’ll give you a little spoiler… And yes, learn languages online is really one of the most effective methods to learn a language. 

And, now, here are some of the main advantages that both the online methodology and Bubble Languages Academy can provide you with when learning a language. 

Save time

For us, as for many other people, undoubtedly one of the most valuable and important things in life is time. Especially the time of our students.  

So, with this, we are perhaps talking about one of the key advantages to make your decision and decide to learn languages online. But why is time an advantage?

Very simple. If you go to an on-site academy, you will have to travel to it, which makes going to and from the academy a great opportunity cost, and you can waste a total of 20 to 30 minutes easily, or even more than an hour even if the academy is not far from your location. Valuable time that you can dedicate to your work, family, friends, or whatever you want! 

Another disadvantage will be the adaptation to the timetable of the academy, which will be very marked and limited, while if you decide to learn languages online, in many cases, you will set your own schedule and the pace of learning you want, from the comfort of your own home! 

At Bubble Languages Academy, in fact, we have an availability schedule for your online classes from Monday to Sunday! Do you know any academy that is open on Sundays? 

Save money

As a second advantage, leaving aside time and dealing with another important issue, money… To learn languages online will also allow you to save a good amount of money per month. 

Well, on the one hand, an on-site academy usually has more expensive fees than an online academy, forcing you to pay, in addition to the monthly fee, a registration fee and books or materials, etc. 

But, on the other hand, and in relation to the previous point, the displacement will also have a monetary cost, being therefore, a factor to take into account, since we will usually have to travel to the academy by car or public transport.  

Learn from anywhere in the world

As you may already know and have seen in many aspects of your life, the digital era in which we live today opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to learning as well, allowing us now to learn languages online from anywhere in the world. 

Thus, Bubble Languages Academy offers Spanish, English, French and Italian classes to people from all over the world. But when we talk about to learn languages online from anywhere in the world, we not only mean that if you live in Nicaragua or even in China you will be able to take a class with Bubble, but if you are traveling, you are on vacation or even if you have gone for a coffee at your favorite coffee shop, you can also do it if you wish. At any time and in any place. 

Increase your productivity

Has it ever happened to you that you have attended a classroom class and you have not paid enough attention or you have simply been distracted by any situation that has arisen? 

With online classes, your productivity can increase exponentially. At least at Bubble Languages Academy we have developed a method that will do just that, the Bubble Method

Through it, we teach 1:1 online classes totally personalized, adapted to the person, their level and objectives. In this way, teacher and student interact in a much more direct way, with a methodology that focuses on the student and its purpose, which automatically motivates them and makes them make more effort in learning the language. 

24/7 content availability 

Let’s wrap it up! But to finish, let’s go a little deeper into the availability outside the classroom. Because yes, in a classroom academy, you can usually be provided with material for you to learn at home. Maybe a couple of sheets of paper with exercises that you will correct the next day in class. 

But this will never be the same as an interactive tool that you can access at any time and from anywhere. 

At Bubble Languages Academy we know this, and that is why with any of our services, we also put at your disposal an online platform with a large amount of didactic material, Edugo, which will allow you not only to practice what you have learned in each class, but also to reinforce your weak points and continue improving your technique in all senses, with reading and writing comprehension, oral expression, and even spoken expression, where once again you can learn at your own pace and without stress. 

As you may have already discovered, learn languages online offers a number of advantages that will undoubtedly make learning a new language much easier, more effective and faster for you. 
And you, are you going to keep putting it off? Book your free trial lesson with Bubble Languages Academy now and find out why everyone wants to learn languages online!



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